Race Results
June 18, 2016


Hollidge Pilot's Honey Express To Victory

Mechanicsville MD'S Dale Hollidge driving the Gunters Honey, Hershey Racing Engines, XR1 Rocket picked up his 2nd victory at the Winchester Speedway Saturday Night June 18,2016 making this his 5th overall victory of the season with two wins at Potomac, and an Ultimate Victory at Georgetown Speedway.
C.S Fitzgerald and Dale Hollidge lead the field to the green with Hollidge taking the top spot on lap one, caution flew on lap eight for debris to slow the field. Hollidge leading the way with several car lengths over Fitzgerald with the battle heating up behind those two were Jason Miller and Travis Stickley battling back and forth for the third spot. Miller would make the pass on Stickley on lap ten and set his sight on Fitzgerald.The top four stayed in tow with Hollidge, Fitzgerald, Miller and Stickley as caution would slow the field on lap twenty-six. Hollidge still leading the way would take the checkered flag with Fitzgerald second, Miller third, Stickley fourth and rounding out the top five was Larry Ramsey.
In the twenty lap Crate race it was Tanner Kerr picking up the victory. Timmy Booth would lead the field to the green taking the top spot but on lap two Booth and Stoner made contact sending both drivers to the rear would see Kerr in the top spot.Kerr leading the way would see seventh place starter Kris Eaton move into second and set his sights on Kerr. Several cautions slowed the field but Kerr was in control picking up the win, Eaton second, Mike Franklin third, Darin Henderson fourth and fifth went to Logan Roberson.
In The 15 Lap Pure Stock main it was Tony Catlett picking up the win, Justin Hottle picked up the 4 Cylinder win, and Jason Wilkins won the U-Car main.

Super Late Models: Dale Hollidge, C.S. Fitzgerald, Jason Miller, Travis Stickley, Larry Ramsey, Ross Robinson, Jonathan Dehaven, Walter Crouch, Reese Masiello, Luke Hoffner, Brian Booze, Greg Elrod, Cody Gray, Scott Merryman, Mike Steck

Crates: Tanner Kerr, Kris Eaton, Mike Franklin,Darin Henderson,Logan Roberson, Darren Alvey, Jennea Piper, Steve Lowery, Transton Stoner, Scott Sweeney, Austin Stover, Timmy Booth, Jacob Piper, Gunner Kerr, Richard Hawkins, Dave Friedrich, Wes Branner, Joe Hall, Levi Crowl, Whitney Merryman

Pure Stocks: Tony Catlett, Rob Nichols, Mike Grady, Chris Sumption, Brian Lutrell, Rick Stouffer, James Gray, Sam Crouch,( Jeremy Tinsman DNS)

4 Cylinders: Justin Hottle, Randy Linaburg, Ed Gageby, Ethan Ours, Willie Dodson, Terry Whitt, ( DNS Roger Whitlock, Melvin Ours)

U-Cars: Jason Wilkins, Jacob Lewis, Randy Wilkins, Gene Wilson, Kevin Oates, Austin Nichols, Joseph Yablonski, TJ Collins, Alllen Griffith, Larry Lamb, Clay Guinn, Ricky Perr, Jay Allrshous, Brent Howell, Jeff Heflin, Justin Bowley ( Jeff Wilkins DNS)




3-26 4-2 4-16
4-23 5-14 5-28